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Air Quality Alerts and News

Air Quality can affect many aspects of our daily lives.  The AQCP addresses ambient air quality through its monitoring efforts and also indoor air quality through its wood and coal stove outreach efforts and indoor air quality assessments.  However, due to the complexity of air quality, there are additional sources that have an impact on ambient air quality concentrations.  Wildland fires, and prescribed burns have a significant effect on our air quality and our overall health.  Below is a list of helpful links that provides more information on wildfire activities and prescribe burns in the Four Corners area.


Operating The Navajo Hybrid Stove

Air Quality News

Navajo EPA - Air Quality Control Program Stove Study Flyer

Airborne Methane Remote Measurements reveal heavy-tail flux distribution in four corners region 2015


Red Flag Warning & Fire Weather Watch

North West New Mexico - Shiprock NM


Wildland Fire Activity

This map displays only those fires reported via the FAMWEB ICS-209 Program.

Click here to view the Southwest Coordination Center Website

AZ Map       *AZ ACTIVE Fire Information

NM Map      *NM ACTIVE Fire Information


Report a Wildland Fire

NM Watch Active Fire Mapping 

NM Wild Fire Information  

AZ Wild Fire Watch  

USDA Forest Service Active Fire Mapping  


Additional Air Monitorig Data 

ADEQ Monitor Data

USFS Monitor Data


Air Quality Tips & Alerts 

What to do when smoke is present

Wildfire AQI table for schools