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Domestic Wastewater Program



The Domestic Wastewater Program (DWWP) is under the Surface and Groundwater Protection Department of the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency.  The NNEPA is an independent entity of the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation.  DWWP is responsible for protecting human health, drinking water sources, and the environment of the Navajo Nation.  The Navajo Nation Domestic Wastewater Regulation (NNDWWR) was adopted on April 29, 2010, and became effective on the same date.

Navajo Nation Domestic Wastewater Database and summary:

There are approximately 36,700 septic tanks and drain fields and 263 Community Sewer Lagoons in Navajo Nation.  Most of the community lagoons are being operated and maintained by Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA).  Community individual homeowners are responsible for operation and maintenance of septic tanks and drain fields.



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Public Water Systems Supervision Program