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 Community Outreach


The Navajo Nation Operation Permit Program conducts outreach to the local community to educate the public on the program’s responsibility and also the Title V permits that are issues.  When a Title V facility is up for permit renewal the Operating Permit Program conducts “Permit Workshops” at affected chapters.  These “Permit Workshops” are formatted so the community knows what is operating in their area and also what they facility’s responsibilities are in terms of following Clean Air Act regulations.  The “Permit Workshops” are also a good opportunity for the community members to give public comments, an important step in the permit process.  These public comments can be given orally, in both Navajo and English, and so written comments are accepted.

The Operating Permit Program also tries attends local health fairs and community sponsored events.  The Program also has visited Dine College, spoken at Girl Scout events, and has set up a booth at the Navajo Nation Fair.  They continue to seek out to the community and address citizen concerns.  If you would like to request an outreach at your school, chapter, or community event please feel free to contact Tennille Begay, Environmental Specialist.

Presentation Posters

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Operating Permit Program
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How to Review a Title V Permit2


For more information contact us at:    

NNEPA - Operating Permit Program

Route 112 N Bldg. #2837

Fort Defiance, AZ

Phone: (928) 729-4096

Fax: (928) 729-4313