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Operating Permit Program


The Navajo Nation Air Quality Control Program Operating Permit Program (NNAQCP-OPP) received delegation approval for Part 71 Operating Permit Program (OPP) from USEPA Region IX on Oct. 13, 2004 and March 21, 2006. This authority allows NNEPA to administer an air permitting program under the Clean Air Act (CAA). The Navajo Nation is the first tribe to be granted permission to regulate and issue air permits to facilities operating on tribal lands.  The Operating Permit Program’s goal is to ensure that air emissions from the thirteen major sources, with the potential to emit pollutants over 100 tons per year, are regulated.  These sources are required to obtain five-year operating permits that include emission limits and compliance measures, such as monitoring, record keeping, reporting and testing to maintain assurance with those limits in accordance with Navajo Nation Operating Permit Regulations and Navajo Nation Acid Rain Deposition Control Regulations.  There are twelve Title V sources on the Navajo Nation which include Navajo Generating Station, Four Corners Power Plant, Peabody Western Coal Company-Kayenta Complex, Resolute Natural Resources-Aneth Unit, Western Refinery –Wingate Plant, Kinder Morgan-El Paso Natural Gas Compressor Stations (Leupp, Navajo, Dilkon, Window Rock, White Rock, and Gallup) and Transwestern Pipeline Company - Leupp Compressor Station.  

Program Responsibilities 

1.     Issuance of Title V permits to large industrial facilities on the Navajo Nation

2.     Compliance and Enforcement Inspections at Title V permitted facilities

3.     Address Title V Citizen Complaints

4.     Establish and Maintain an Emission Inventory

5.     Study new proposed federal regulations to enhance and amend the Navajo Air Pollution Control and Prevention Act

6.     Outreach and Education Activities


Permitting Process

A Title V permit grants a facility the permission to operate by abiding by all Clean Air Act Requirements.  This includes emission limits, monitoring requirements, recording keeping requirements and reporting requirements. The permitting process is as follows:

1.     A facility will submit a Permit Application

2.     A title V permit is Drafted

3.     30 day Public Notice

4.     Response to comment

5.     Final Permit issuance


Public Participation 

When a Title V facility is going through the permitting process the public has the right to submit comments that relate to the permit conditions.  It is important for concerned citizen to become aware of what facilities are operating within their radius and become knowledgeable of their operations.  Citizens can ask questions, provide comments, and submit concerns and request for Navajo Air Quality Regulations, copies of permits, general information and request for a public workshop.

Navajo Generating Station Closure Public Information Sheet

Final Title V Permits

Operating Permit Forms

Community Outreach

Emission Inventory

Regional Haze Rule and Best Available Retrofit Technology


For more information contact us at:    

NNEPA - Operating Permit Program

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