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Permit Process


Eligible for an Open Burn Permit?

You may eligible for an Open Burn Permit to burn household waste if you meet one of these conditions:

· Waste is generated on a site such as a farm, camp, or ranch of at least 40 acres; And are further than 10 miles from a collection or disposable service facility.

· Waste is generated at a single family resident or residential building with no more than 4 units; And are further than 10 miles from a collection or disposable service facility.

If you meet one of these conditions, you are eligible to apply for an open burn permit.


How to obtain an Open Burn Permit?  

1. Submit a single or multi-use permit application for any proposed burn

2. NNEPA Director will review application

3. Applicant’s will be notified, and application’s either granted or denied will be posted on the NNEPA-AQCP website, as well as in the ACQP office

4. Permit effective upon posted date(s)



There are penalties for failing to obtain an Open Burn Permit and for failing to meet permit conditions. The Director of the Navajo Nation EPA may issue field citations

Open Burning is Illegal on the Navajo Nation.  Enforcement actions may include civil penalties, fines, and even confiscation of burn barrel(s) in the event of noncompliance, through either administrative orders or field citations.


How to file a Complaint on Open Burning?


Operating Permit Program: (928) 729-4096


Air Quality Control Program: (928) 729-4246


Or visit:


*Please give the correct information and exact detail of the responsible party. You will remain anonymous.